Saturday, August 2

A moment of peace and quiet

My niece Rachel and her friend Laura are visiting from England.

So far so good! I just dropped them in Newbury Street for the morning, while Anne gets her hair done.

Highlights have included a surprising love for our local post office, and an overly protective desire for blind people to cross the road safely.

On Thursday I spent the day with them, and I think they only took one photo, which was of the 2 of them wearing 3D specs at the IMAX. We nearly saw a fight too, however the guy was so NOT bad-ass, he got his t-shirt stuck on his head during the smack talk phase.

A woman threw up fish pie on the plane, so I think they are not too keen to eat fish, but Anne and I are sneakily trying to introduce new foods into their meals.

Much to my delight, evenings are filled with board games. Played Scattergories last night where the strangest point scoring phrase was "Gonorrhea kicked in".

Planning to go kayaking this afternoon, unless it starts raining. Regardless of the weather we are going ziplining tomorrow. They have a new longer course. Check it out here.

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