Thursday, August 7

T-Shirt Update

I was asked to follow up on my previous post about the Comme des Garçons T-Shirt.

Said shirt did indeed arrive. I gleefully unwrapped it and was delighted with its bright and gaudy design.

I whipped off my shirt and stuck my head into the Japanese (not French curiously) fashion piece.

And therein lies the problem. Japanese large is approx. American small.

It fit like a cycling shirt. And my 6-pack abs ain't what they used to be. I looked like the kid on the front of the Fatboy Slim record.

The next day I mentioned my disappointment at work. "yes, that sounds like hipster large", was one comment. I took this to mean I am not considered a hipster. I have no idea if this is good or bad.

This week I met with a lady who could add extra slits of material down the sides to give me a bit of breathing room in the shirt. Alas not only is it tight around the middle but it is cut for someone with shoulders that only just jut out from their neck.

I've handed it over to my friend Laura and her E-Bay whizz of a husband Rich. Maybe some idiot trying to re-create their youth will buy it ... as if!

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