Monday, September 29

I'm the friendly stranger in the black sedan

The joy of iPod struck last night as I drove home.

Not sure which is more embarrassing. First I was listening to Crazy in Love by Beyoncé and it was followed by Vehicle by The Ides of March.

They have a really similar horn riff.

I know the Beyoncé song samples Are You My Woman (Tell Me So) by the Chi-Lites but The Ides of March?

The only other pointless fact I know about Ides of March is that the guitarist went on to form Survivor of Rocky III fame.

Saturday, September 27

Contrapuntal noodling in a Baroque style ...

... with Great Handeling

Dressed up smartly and went to see The Chamber Orchestra of Boston last night.

They started with Handel. I like Handel. Toccatas, minuets, gavottes, gigues, fugues - you can throw all of that stuff at me. I'll lap it up.

Then the Haydn kicked in. Boring!

The evening was presented as a Handel and Haydn evening, however the 2nd Handel piece was a modern composition based on one of his violin sonatas. Here's an idea. Play Handel and dump the modern interpretation.

Then it was back to Haydn, which meant I went back to reading the program notes in my uncomfortable chair.

The best part of the evening was Anne's happy face when I explained the tempo and style characteristics of the concerto. 15 years of playing music suddenly all seemed worth it, just to make her happy for 5 seconds.

And I didn't even mention the terraced dynamics of pre-Classical scoring ...

Tuesday, September 23

Mexican Reading Pt II

Anne posted an entry about what she's planning to read while in Mexico during, "our third annual stay at Las Brisas".

I love that these trips sound as inevitable as a Charity gig at a Holiday Inn by a washed up singer from the 70s.

Every year we celebrate doing nothing for 5 days. And although Anne reads way smarter books than me, I read much quicker than her, so I have to take a bunch of books.

I've already started reading each of these books.

Twinkie, Deconstructed
Watching the English
Death of a Salesman
Cracked: Life on the Edge in a Rehab Clinic
On Royalty: A Very Polite Inquiry Into Some Strangely Related Families
Havana Nocturne: How the Mob Owned Cuba & Lost It to the Revolution
Party Monster: A Fabulous But True Tale of Murder in Clubland
Towards Zero

In addition I quite fancy these too:
Hell Bent
Gig: Americans Talk About Their Jobs
Downtown Owl

Still a week to go, so I could yet add to this list.

Monday, September 22

Bringing their 'D' Game

Screw your A Game, these days C is more than I expect.

This week I saw an overweight woman running wearing an Entenmann's T-Shirt.

Same morning, a woman on a bicycle. Riding one handed. On the phone. With an infant balanced in the front basket.

Later: Me, "Hi could I get an Grande Iced Coffee" Starbucks Guy, "Want that hot or cold?"

Speaking of low expectations. VH1 is distracting me with another of their countdown shows. They have a guy from Color Me Badd.

To quote Kim Jong-il "Why is everyone so fucking stupid?"

Monday, September 15

Non sequitur pairs?

Pairs of random things that are currently making me smile.

Eating junk food at the The Big E
Hearing the phrase "Oh no we missed Buckcherry"

The possibility of beating Ourand and Richens at Scrabble .. again
Recalling their 1998 heated debate about rape. Apparently it's a violent crime, not a sexual crime. Except you ejaculate at the end

The Mrs shouting at the TV during football
The futility of inspirational football movies

A trip to Acapulco is coming round again
And Anne wants to buy a George Foreman grill in Mexico

Getting my niece to read Catcher in the Rye
Getting my nephew to wear a Hooters t-shirt

Going to the Symphony next week
The twatishness of Rock Band

Chin stroking comments
People with big chins

Nachos - Can't stop eating them
Buying wine on a Friday night

Making Genius playlists on iTunes 8
Richard Cheese singing "Shake ya Ass"

Mad Men on AMC

Sunday, September 7

Very Necessary

No. Not a reference to the classic 1993 Salt 'N' Pepa record.

No. Sadly, internet has become a basic human right in our household. We've had intermittent access due to our dodgy cable modem. Nevermind that we have city-wide free Wi-Fi - it's not as fast. I know I sound like a right old douche, but "Come On!"

The football mad missus is bitching that she cannot complete her 12 different fantasy teams, and I'm trying to stream shitty movies in the 'widow' room, which is what I essentially am every Sunday through January.

I called Comcast and they were great. And now my pants are on fire.

I love my VOIP with Vonage, but this weekend the router has been flashing more than a pervert at a raincoat convention.

Cable guy is coming between 1pm-3pm tomorrow.


My parents are on a cruise somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean celebrating their 45th Wedding Anniversary.

They called mobile to mobile, so I'll probably need a loan by the end of the month.

They have sat at dinner with couples from Harrogate and Wigan. And yet they tell me they are having a great time? Odd.

Happy Anniversary Mum & Dad.

Saturday, September 6


I kind of took a summer vacation from the gym, and returned Thursday night after a seven week break.

By Saturday morning I was walking like a robot, and wincing in pain every time I crouched down - I really need to put all drawers at waist level.

Feel like my groin is 'in the red' like a hack sci-fi movie when the pressure/radiation/revs go to beyond the safe number.

Worse still my glutes make it impossible to sit down without another pansy-ass yelp.

Damn the price I pay to be the perfect human specimen.