Saturday, September 27

Contrapuntal noodling in a Baroque style ...

... with Great Handeling

Dressed up smartly and went to see The Chamber Orchestra of Boston last night.

They started with Handel. I like Handel. Toccatas, minuets, gavottes, gigues, fugues - you can throw all of that stuff at me. I'll lap it up.

Then the Haydn kicked in. Boring!

The evening was presented as a Handel and Haydn evening, however the 2nd Handel piece was a modern composition based on one of his violin sonatas. Here's an idea. Play Handel and dump the modern interpretation.

Then it was back to Haydn, which meant I went back to reading the program notes in my uncomfortable chair.

The best part of the evening was Anne's happy face when I explained the tempo and style characteristics of the concerto. 15 years of playing music suddenly all seemed worth it, just to make her happy for 5 seconds.

And I didn't even mention the terraced dynamics of pre-Classical scoring ...

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