Monday, September 15

Non sequitur pairs?

Pairs of random things that are currently making me smile.

Eating junk food at the The Big E
Hearing the phrase "Oh no we missed Buckcherry"

The possibility of beating Ourand and Richens at Scrabble .. again
Recalling their 1998 heated debate about rape. Apparently it's a violent crime, not a sexual crime. Except you ejaculate at the end

The Mrs shouting at the TV during football
The futility of inspirational football movies

A trip to Acapulco is coming round again
And Anne wants to buy a George Foreman grill in Mexico

Getting my niece to read Catcher in the Rye
Getting my nephew to wear a Hooters t-shirt

Going to the Symphony next week
The twatishness of Rock Band

Chin stroking comments
People with big chins

Nachos - Can't stop eating them
Buying wine on a Friday night

Making Genius playlists on iTunes 8
Richard Cheese singing "Shake ya Ass"

Mad Men on AMC

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