Sunday, September 7

Very Necessary

No. Not a reference to the classic 1993 Salt 'N' Pepa record.

No. Sadly, internet has become a basic human right in our household. We've had intermittent access due to our dodgy cable modem. Nevermind that we have city-wide free Wi-Fi - it's not as fast. I know I sound like a right old douche, but "Come On!"

The football mad missus is bitching that she cannot complete her 12 different fantasy teams, and I'm trying to stream shitty movies in the 'widow' room, which is what I essentially am every Sunday through January.

I called Comcast and they were great. And now my pants are on fire.

I love my VOIP with Vonage, but this weekend the router has been flashing more than a pervert at a raincoat convention.

Cable guy is coming between 1pm-3pm tomorrow.

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