Monday, October 27

Easy Sell

Not since a poor black kid knocked on my door a few years ago and got me to subscribe to a shitty magazine to keep him off the streets have I been so easily sold as I was today*

* Except the time I gave money to the battered women shelter. The woman at the door looked so .. battered, that I felt guilty for being male.

Anyway, back in April we went to Loon Mountain for our Anniversary for a spot of zip lining. The place we stayed in was nice enough and they've been pestering me since to sign up for a discount stay in one of their other resorts.

So I caved in and signed up today. Now as I look at the resorts they have available I'm not so impressed.

Loon Mountain:
Well here's the deal, we've been there twice this year. It ain't no Acapulco.

Maine: Choose from Ogunquit, which doesn't seem far enough away to warrant a weekend trip, or Jackman which is 5 1/2 hours from Boston, and only 2 hrs from Quebec City.

Cape Cod:
I hate the Cape. It's an overrated sack of toss.

So there you have it. A 2 day weekend or 3 day weekday stay is all mine. Just wish it was somewhere better.

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