Sunday, October 19


Was the name tag on the woman who checked my items at Target on Saturday.

Perhaps her last name was Sexy, Stupid or Right. Was probably Lopez.

Speaking of Kinda Stupid. I was in a clothing store on Saturday and the guy next to me was checking himself out in the mirror. He'd tried on a sweater and actually gave himself the knowing wink and followed it up with the finger guns ... both barrels.

10 minutes later and I was at the check out making a purchase when the aforementioned douche-nozzle announces that he "wanted to wear the pants he was buying" (a practice I never support).

He was asked to sit on the anti-theft device to de-activate the over-priced jeans. In the meantime the sales guy bagged up the old pants. All fun and games, until the Dick tells the sales clerk to remove the old pants from the bag and neatly fold them.

The counter-guy does the "You serious?" double take. He is serious and now he asks for a bottle of water. The sale guy puts on the shit smile and pulls out a bottle of Fiji. And the guy says "This is warm".

Man it must suck to work retail.

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