Sunday, November 16

The Anatomy of a Photo


1. We thought we were borrowing $250,000 from the bank. Wrong! They take out their fees. Bastards!

We were also shocked that they wrote a check/cheque. The money came from the bank, and then went straight back into the bank.

And when I say wrote, I mean wrote. Seriously, you couldn't do this on a computer, or make us an outrageously huge check/cheque as if we had won the lottery?

2. I love polka dots.

3. I stole a pen from this address.

4. I'm 38 and I still bite my fingernails.

5. Account number is Gaussian blurred for our protection. Although Chloe from 24 could probably undo it.

6. This is a part of Maria's face.

7. Try not to mix pin-stripes with polka dots.

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