Sunday, November 30

Four Fifths

A few years ago my old boss Brian shocked Anne by stating 80% of the population were useless.

At the time Anne was involved in charity work, and it seemed like a damning view of a world that needed help.

And yet ... each time I go to the cinema I feel closer to 90% of the world could just disappear.

Now the movie I saw yesterday, Role Models, is hardly highbrow. In fact it's so lowbrow that even I was tired of the kid swearing.

And I love a kid that says fuck.

But given how mindless this movie was, I was still shocked at how the audience laughed at parts they weren't supposed to laugh at, and yet didn't even titter at some of the seriously funny parts (of which there are a few).

Wow, I just did 150 words of social commentary based on a dumb movie.

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