Sunday, November 2


Enjoyed 2 1/2 hrs of Henry Rollins tonight at the Orpheum. To be fair that's about an hour light for the usual Rollins show.

He did a small bit about interviewing a guy in Northern Ireland who used to be in the IRA, and it reminded me of when my parents-in-law visited us in London in the 90's.

They wanted to visit Westminster Cathedral. Not the 1,000 year old Abbey, but the Byzantine style Cathedral which is home to the Catholic Church in England.

Only the IRA decided to call in a bomb threat to the Cathedral that day, just as we were coming out of the Underground and walking towards the church. So we turned around and went to another church.

No fuss, no bother.

I think Anne's parents were quietly impressed with how laissez-faire we were about the whole thing. And it gave them a travel story that they would never find in a guide book.

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