Thursday, November 6


Anyone raised in Europe knows the national identity car stickers that used to be stuck on the back of the car when you traveled overseas. (GB = Great Britain, E = EspaƱa etc.). They've kind of phased out with newer registration plates, but you get the idea.

So I was bemused when I moved to New England and found twats from Marblehead, Rockport and Newburyport with town acronyms stuck on their bumpers, but hey, what can you do?

Bizarrely in the last few years I've noticed a bunch of cars with SJP stickers on the bumper. Now, I find Sarah Jessica Parker adorable as Carrie Bradshaw, but these stickers seemed such an obtuse form of marketing.

So in the words of all Viz comic letters "Imagine my surprise ..." when I realized this week that SJP isn't Sarah Jessica Parker but St. John's Prep, a catholic boys school in Danvers.

Boy do I feel stupid.

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