Friday, November 28


We were in the pub the other night with my parents and I caught them watching sports on TV. Being English, I presumed them to be impervious to the delights of hockey and basketball.

Apparently not.

So I went to the convenient folks at Ticketmaster and bought some tickets for both the Bruins and the Celtics ON THE SAME DAY!!

Just watched the Bruins beat someone else. As usual the National Anthem was butchered in Mariah Carey-esque style. I also love how US sports is all about family values and yet they promote hockey as a 'you are likely to see a fight', concept.

Parents loved the game, the music, and the fact you can order food from your seat (that might just have been the chi-chi part of the stadium we were in).

So tonight the Garden swaps the Zamboni for the guys who squeegee the sweat off the boards.

And I get to listen to the National Anthem again.

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