Saturday, November 15

We did it

Together with my amazing business partner Maria, we bought our design company yesterday. In the grand scheme of things there are way too many people to thank. So instead, in chronological order, here are the people I need to thank just for yesterday.

6am Anne kisses me for good luck and says I look handsome

7am Sean puts a bottle of Champagne on my desk

8am Maria and Paul sign some documents to finalize the deal

11am Brad the lawyer walks us through the process

11.30am Bob the banker hands over the money

12.00 My parents say "Well Done"

12.30pm Emma takes the money and gives me permission to go to lunch

1pm Laura, Laura, Kim, Dave, Jay and Sean join Maria and I for a boozy celebratory lunch

2.30pm Back at the office, birthday boy Chuck, joins in the celebrations

3pm Beck calls on her day off to say well done. Classy. Both Maria and I will 'drunk-dial' her 4 hours later

4pm Well-wishers swing by as we drink Champagne from coffee mugs

6pm Down the pub, Pat, Tony, Peter and Matt say "Cheers"

7pm Kim drives 3 drunks to Cambridge

7.15pm Mike and Jenny congratulate us

7.30pm A pregnant Mrs Sean drops off Sean. Really happy he showed up

8pm Adam meets his girlfriend's drunken colleagues for the first time

8.30pm Taylor and Adrian show up - buy us drinks

10.30pm Anne gets a drunken Maria settled in the spare bedroom

10.45pm I am asleep.

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