Tuesday, December 9

Car Musings

I rented a car yesterday ... and I may have gone off on this one before ... but I rented from Alamo.

Those bastards screwed me over in 1992 and I still haven't forgiven them. Sam Gessesse, LAX office; douchebag.

Anyhow, it's a Ford Focus, and the only noteworthy attribute I experienced yesterday was that it goes bing a lot. Key in, trunk open, seatbelt off, lights on. Bing, bing, bing and bing.

It snowed overnight. Shouldn't Syracuse car rental places put a snow scraper/brush in the car? Alamo didn't. Christ it snows for more than 300 days a year here (this is a fact I just made up).

Plugged in the SatNav. Because I don't read maps anymore. And set off for Fulton, NY.

Once I got on the highway I took another look at the dash, and noticed this car has satellite radio. I think I need to get this.

Because the service is national, they have separate channels for weather and traffic in major urban areas.

This morning I listened to the DC weather and the LA traffic.

Then I listened to the Elvis Channel, and a UK radio station, and a French Canadian pop music channel, and a Korean News Channel.

To be honest I was kind of sad to get to my final destination.

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