Wednesday, January 21

And a few more things

Saturday in San Francisco riding the Muni to our friends house.

A guy gets on the train. His hat is like the one Bill Murray wears in Caddyshack, and his sweatshirt is warm and comfortable looking.

And he's not wearing pants. Just tight boxer briefs.

the poor woman sat opposite him basically has the bulge at eye level, and it wasn't that cold on the West Coast this last weekend.

And what I love about San Francisco, is that people are so accepting. Nobody even blinked.

Next day, we were walking thru' the Financial District and saw this. All of my research (I asked 2 people, and googled the word) leads me to believe that there is no connection between this building and the hardcore DC punk band of the same name.

It seems the band name comes from the Vietnam war slang Fucked Up, Got Ambushed, Zipped In.

That's all.

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