Thursday, January 1

Christmas in the Land of the Cleves

We did our usual Yankee Swap.

Emphasis on 'usual' after Ron's attempt to squeeze in some new rules went down like the Browns Season (4-12).

Another fine selection to choose from, here's the highlights ...

Joann chose the box that contained an Obama "Yes We Can", shopping bag, and a lapel pin that shows Hillary and Barack with the proclamation "Bro's before Ho's"

Jenn's first ever family pick was this battery illuminated clock that plays Hallelujah on the hour. It'll be downhill from here.

Natalie opens the Shit Box. A cardboard box that you shit in. Part of our annual Christmas get together is the wonder of seeing family grow older and saying "Shit" together. When Natalie eventually lost the Shit Box, I think I heard her say "Shit".

Poor, homeless and destitute Finance Expert Mandy snags the coffee.

Bud goes Price is Right on our ass and showcases the leather clutch with floral in-line. Nice.

Russ ponders what he will do with a flying monkey.

Well done everyone. Now next year let's go with a Blind 3 Trade Swap with a 2 second permitted shake clause. If we start explaining the rules now ...

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