Thursday, January 1

Oh Asian? and Let's do Shots!

Day after Christmas at the Savannah Bar listening to some Rock 'n' Roll. Any band that starts with Mystery Train has my attention, and these guys were good.

During a break, I was mischievously asking my niece Mandy if she had visited a specific transsexual bar in her hometown of San Francisco. Mischievously, because her conservative dad was sat next to us.

I'd visited a few years ago with a couple of co-workers, and it left quite an impression on me. As I explained the strange combination of Adam's Apples and disproportionately huge cosmetic breasts I could see Russ wasn't too impressed.

But then I mentioned they were Asian, and he cheered up. Turns out he didn't want the ladyboys to be Americans. Asians, Europeans ... no problem, just not American!

At the other end of the table was my Sister-in-Law Joann. She suggested we started doing shots. Holy Shit! We kicked off with tequila and the whole salt and lime performance. Next Grape Bombs! Grape Vodka and Red Bull. And after that there's only one thing to do. Dance in an embarassingly drunk fashion. And so we did.

Excellent evening. This photo isn't poorly lit. It's been adjusted to simulate my vision at the end of the night.

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