Saturday, January 10

Oh Vic I've Fallen

And other comedy injuries.

It was icy earlier this week. Leaving the house, my foot touched brick at the bottom of the stairs, and I slipped cartoon style, ending up face down in the snow. I quickly jumped up, hoping nobody saw me and headed for my car only to slip again, Bambi style. This time I threw myself onto a parked car and managed to stay upright.

As I drove into work I remembered this comedy gem, and proceeded to spend the whole day recounting Vic and Bob punch-lines.

Cut to the end of the week, and the mildest of Thursday night workouts gave me a stiff back on Friday. Tried the glass of wine as medicine trick last night, and lo and behold I woke up this morning feeling like a younger man (insert childish gay joke here).

Until I tried to loop a belt through a loop hole. Heard the crunch before I felt the pain. Now I'm walking like a zombie ... on ice.

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