Saturday, February 21

4/5th update

I was one of 5 passengers on a shuttle to LAX this morning. The other 4 could die and would not be missed. Asinine toolboxes. I don't mind stupid people, it's people who don't know they are stupid that bug me.

When they weren't being galactically inane, they were being unfunny. When you have to finish a poorly told anecdote with, "Oh it was hysterical". It's not. When your audience monotone, "Oh that's funny". It's not. Either learn to tell a story or shut the fuck up.

Also. Dan Band played at the House of Blues last night. In Anaheim. In Disneyland. Christ! The whole place is full of fanny-pack clad twats*, enjoying a sanitized "Night on the (Disney down)town". Grow up. Live a real life, rather than the homogenized version, fascist Walt wants you to experience.

Ironic or moronic?

Here's what I couldn't work out last night. The Dan Band is a simple schtick. White guy sings female pop songs, adds comedic hip hop moves and swears. Point is. It's done very well.

Before the show, the venue played a bunch of old hip hop tracks. A guy in chinos and Oxford shirt, cell phone clipped to his belt, was doing dance moves to Eric B & Rakim. Hands in the air, booty grind, overbite dance moves. Is that OK at a Dan Band show?

* fanny-pack clad twats is my new favorite saying.

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