Wednesday, February 11

5, 6, 7, 8

I'm leading a simple life here.

Up at 5, work by 7, back to the hotel by 6, asleep by 8.

Random things of note. There's an open designer outlet mall across from the hotel. I decided to walk there last night, brought my book with me, and grabbed a burrito. Only problem was the PA system made it impossible to concentrate on my book. They were piping the song "Free Nelson Mandela". Guys, he's free. The song was provocative and inspirational at the time, but it's hardly a foot tapper is it?

My maid (is that the PC term?) is great. She leaves the classical radio station on for when I return, and arranges my toiletries in size order! However I could use some fake sugar. Maybe I'll tip her some more.

The gym was full yesterday at 5.05am!! I got down at 4.55 today and snagged the last elliptical. No sign of that guy.

Oh well, Day 3 of 10 beckons.

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