Saturday, February 14

Black Dahlia

Bostonian Elizabeth Short, nicknamed the Black Dahlia, was found mutilated in South LA, 1947. Countless books and movies have explored the unsolved murder.

My research involved getting stuck in a Ralph's parking lot a block away from Leimert Park. An older black lady, with a few extra pounds and a pair of sweat pants that have seen better days, tapped on my window, and, after removing the 32oz soda from her mouth, said, "What chu doin' backin' up here sir?" Despite it being a pointless question I liked the delivery of her line, so I smiled and did the 'I'm an idiot shrug'. Then drove off, tout de suite.

Anyhow, back to Elizabeth Short, I suspect this building is mistakenly photographed by macabre twats like me, but it's not the actual place where she was found ... it's a block away and inaccessible.

Approx. Location

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