Saturday, February 14

The City of Compton

Filled up my ride (ahem, a Nissan) on the corner of Florence and Normandie, in the fair City of Compton. No riots or looting, just full serve gas, by a brother who got a $2 tip. Cos' that's how I roll motherfuckers!!

Actually, it wasn't that nonchalant. I asked for a $20 fill up, but couldn't find the handle to open the gas tank, and then it stopped at $13, because I already had half a tank. The guy smiled at me. I think we connected.

After the Rodney King verdict, the riots started in South Central. The footage most people remember is of Reginald Denny being pulled from his truck at this very intersection - Normandie and Florence. An hour later the whole block was looted, and on fire.

I do recall my mum freaking out when this went down, because her youngest child was spending his first ever trip to America in Los Angeles. By contrast, today was quite pleasant.

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