Sunday, February 1

Give a Brother a Break

Our house has a minimal feel. It's part design sensibility, part "We've moved so many times and don't want to pack/unpack stuff".

This year we've bought some of those back of the door shoe holders, and we're going crazy filling them with all sorts of assorted all sorts; scarves and hats, gadget paraphernalia, adapters, although noticeably, no shoes.

So I had a nice moment yesterday, as I was flicking through Domino magazine. They ran an article about this wonderful doo-dad, made by Brother (who I thought just made sowing machines).

And now I'm wondering around the house labeling the shit out of every box, cannister, container ... and pocket of the shoe holders.

UPDATE: Just read that Domino Magazine is closing down. Awesome! So glad I just subscribed. First Radar, now Domino. This leaves me with only 18 magazine subscriptions ...

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