Saturday, February 14

Crazy Phil

I'm less interested in the death of Lana Clarkson than I am in the fucked up genius that is Phil Spector. I just finished reading a biography and he is without question a lunatic psycho of the highest order. However, we was undoubtedly a visionary producer in the time of Mono.

His house is in the wackiest of locations. It's a white elephant of a mansion in the working class neighborhood of Alhambra. Unsurprisingly for a paranoid control freak, the house is gated and monitored. I managed to sneak around the back on another street and see parts of the building (it's like a castle).

The biography I read was about his music with a small addendum to cover the murder. If you read the story of the previous 50 years, you'll be left with little doubt that he shot her.

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