Saturday, February 14

Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk

Swung by the Dresden in the afternoon. The place was featured in the movie Swingers. In the movie, Marty & Elayne, the resident jazz duo, swing through a kick ass version of Stayin' Alive.

They play the Dresden 6 nights a week every week.

Tonight I spruced myself up and drove back - on the way I remembered it was Valentine's Day. Ah well, I love myself enough to see cabaret jazz.

Valet parking at the Dresden is a snap at just $2.50, and as I walked in through the backdoor, feeling slightly Goodfellas-esque, I bumped into Marty, resplendent in his Black shirt, with Hawaiian red trim.

Found a spot towards the back and grabbed a beer. Elayne kicked off with Rhapsody in Blue, while Marty shuffled around the bar talking to regulars. They ranged from tragically cool LA models to blue rinse, visor wearing, stroller transported seniors.

My only complaint was that most people weren't listening. I know it's all about ambiance, (and I had nobody to talk to), but Marty & Elayne are working hard over there.

A highlight was Copacabana. Each time Elayne sang, "She was a Showgirl", Marty would counter with, "She was a hooker".

The basic concept is "Write a request on a napkin". If M&E know it, they'll play it. If not, they'll do a bunch of jazz standards that they like.

Great night and I'm back in room 720 before midnight!

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