Wednesday, March 11

Space Cadet

A lesser known fact regarding my wife, is her obsession with space exploration, and the science that has developed from it.

At 9.12 tonight she exclaimed. "Oh Shit, did I miss the Shuttle launch?"

She did not miss it, because they canceled it. And Anne knew why. Because of some hydrogen vent line that they've been checking for over a month.

It's like the Space Shuttle is made by Saab. Looks nice, but falls to pieces under normal use.

Apparently they met on Monday and everything was alright, but they changed their mind again today. Which is a shame because the weather was perfect for the launch ...

And that's the underlying beauty of her interest. It gets perilously close to obsession, and I love an obsessed nerd.

Time to watch Apollo 13 again. I wonder if they make it back?

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