Saturday, April 25


I'm sure I remember reading a science book that said that the optimum sleep pattern for a human is a rotating 4 hours asleep, followed by 4 hours awake.

I came close to this today, and let me tell you I feel like shit.

Friday was a crappy day at work, and as I drove home I managed to talk Anne into dinner and cocktails. I fell into bed before 10, but by 1am I was awake and thinking of work.

At 2am I found myself driving to the office. With work finished by 8, I drove home in a sleepy stupor. Side note. Even in this state I found Dunkin' Donuts coffee to be fucking dreadful.

Managed to stay awake until noon and then fell into the most shallow of sleeps for the next 4. It's now 8pm, and my eyelids are fighting to stay up.


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