Tuesday, April 7

Items of Note

Took a quick trip to New York today to see my niece Rachel. She was on a literary trip from the UK. Great Gatsby walk, Death of a Salesman tour etc. Why wouldn't they read Catcher in the Rye? Oh well.

Latex Gloves
I was waiting in South Station to board the train and noticed a woman with a coffee and magazine (the always disappointing Star magazine). She proceeded to take latex gloves out of her briefcase. Pulls them on, and continues to sip and read. Odd. Not because she might have allergies or a disorder, but that she chose to do it mid beverage.

Calling all Nerds
The woman sat next to me on the train was so painfully awkward. She reminded me of Kristen Schaal's even geekier younger sister. She was reading a comic book about Palestine, while listening to (I shit you not), Mike + the Mechanics. Her dress was trying to say vintage, but was more thrift store with armpit stains, huge white belt, jingly ear-rings and a terrible wavy hair problem. In other words ... adorable.

Washington Square Park
Is where Rachel asked me to meet her. All I can say is that NYU makes me feel old. I felt like a fashion-less pensioner, among all of the bohemian students (and drug dealers and old time chess players).

Great Burger. Better Shake
Headed back up to midtown to the NY Times building. On the corner there by the Port Authority is Schnipper's. I recommend the Peanut Butter Milk Shake. I could have sipped on those until my body composition was 90% Peanut Butter.

Would your brother like a hat?
Tried talking Rachel into buying a hipster H&M hat for my nephew Chris. "No", was the quote.

Spring Fresh
Is there a fouler smell than the toilets at Penn Station? It's like a hobo sitting on your face on a hot summer day.

Why does the train take so long?
And so back to Boston. 3 and 3/4 hours seems about an hour too long. I can drive home in quicker time. Pah!

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