Sunday, May 17

A big bottle of catchup

So I've been swamped with other stuff recently.

I am sat in my brand new red leather chair, feet reclined, which is just as well because my back is stiff and I'm all crooked.

I blame either the expansive workout I did on Thursday ... to quote my trainer "Big pecs = big checks", or it could be the 24" iMac computer on my desk at work which is pitched at a different angle.

I should add 24" was not enough, and I have a 2nd monitor just for my palettes. And considering how many damned hours I spend at work I shouldn't be surprised if it all had an impact on my unhealthy body.

But work is fun. I love what I do, and I'm doing lots of it. Whether it's tastefully photographed cuisine or crudely illustrated toilet seat covers, I get a kick out of the whole shebang*.

* Shebang, not She Bangs as heterosexual pop sensation Ricky Martin sang.

Other good stuff going on?

Booked for our 4th jaunt to Acapulco later in the year, and I'm due to get a NEW CAR tomorrow. I guess in the grand scheme of life the Saab has lost too many parts, so I'm moving onto an Audi. Vorsprung durch Technik as the ads in Europe say. Don't recall them ever running those in the U.S.

And yet neither Acapulco nor Audi are the biggest financial commitment of the month. We're buying a HOUSE. And I'll write about that soon!

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