Tuesday, May 26

Grody to the Max

Thanks Valley Girl

Man do I hate nature. I nearly puked yesterday. Firstly it took me an age just to get my damn bike out of the basement. A combination of sticky locks and cobweb laced entry ways that would not look out of place in a horror movie.

When I did finally make it into the sunshine of our backyard, I made the quick turn to the side of the house to see two dead squirrels in a bucket of wretched water.

As I tried to hold back my gag reflex, Anne dusted all of the cobwebs off of my back.

Less than 5 minutes into our bike ride the chain came off my bike. And as I walked back home a thunderstorm kicked in. Great.

Finally home, I scrubbed the oily bike chain mess off of my hands, only to don rubber gloves. Yep. Back to the bucket filled with squirrel meat. (There's a Prince reference there if anyone is interested).

And to think that people go camping? I will go as low as a 3-star hotel. That is all.

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