Sunday, June 21

Looks like she survived

So .... I've posted about this a few times, but let me track back.

About 12 years ago, Anne and I were watching a travel show where the host stayed in a private villa with their own pool that was both outdoors and inside the villa itself. Each morning fresh fruit and pastries were delivered into a private chilled serving hatch, and the whole thing seemed devilishly luxurious.

The location was Acapulco. I remember as a kid watching Fun in Acapulco with Elvis singing Bossa Nova Baby, and of course Sinatra name-checks the place in Come Fly with Me. So that won it some extra bonus points.

Back to the travel show, we both said how cool it would be to go there one day, and although we never forgot about it, we went off and travelled to all sorts of other great places throughout the world instead.

In the summer of 2006 I had back surgery. Which meant I got to watch the World Cup, and also had time to dream about places to travel to. On Indenpendence Day that year we booked a trip to Las Brisas in Acapulco, home of the private villas with the pools.

As it turned out we didn't get the casita with a pool that goes indoors, however in hindsight I think it might smell funny, so the outdoor pool works just fine.

There's a bunch of new luxury hotels down there, but Las Brisas oozes old glamor. And yes, it's partly faded. The pink and white theme looks very dated, but to me it makes it far more classy. For Christ sake, Sinatra and Elvis actually stayed here!!

And so later this year we are going back for our fourth trip of lazing in the sun. I was tooling around on Facebook the other day and plugged in Las Brisas to see if anything came up. Lo and behold they have their own profile. I asked to become a friend, and they accepted.

Today I noticed a new activity on their profile. Occasionally they do the "famous-person-stayed-here-so-let's-take-a-plaster-cast-of-their-hands" thing. Like the Mann Grauman's Chinese Theatre in LA, only way more old school. I recall they have Buzz Aldrin in the lobby.

Today they inducted ... wait for it .... Gloria Gaynor.

Go ahead and mock me. I vacation in the same place as the 2nd man on the moon, and the woman who recorded the greatest disco song ever.


Sparkleneely said...

Crazy! I just talked about "Bossa Nova Baby" on my blog and it has been in my head all weekend. And then I read your blog and there is The Great Song again. And double bonus: GLORIA GAYNOR.

I am very, very jealous of your vacation. And your passport. i work for a travel publisher and the last place I went was... wait for it...


oucheba said...

Hey! Touché!

So I read YOUR road trip blog on Sunday. My parents (huge Elvis fans) arrive from England tomorrow and next week we're heading down to Memphis. Inspired by your entry I'm also planning a diversion to Tupelo. I'll no doubt write some inane scribbling about it all.

Always love your writing and your road trip got me reminiscing about the Arkansas to North Dakota trip that I took a few years back.

Ah nostalgia, it ain't as good as it used to be ...

Sparkleneely said...

That sounds like a blast! There's not much in Tupelo, but Elvis's birth house IS a mecca. So it's more than a diversion; it's a NECESSITY. Do you want a Lonely Planet Southern Road Trip guide? I'll send you one if you send me your address...

And I love your blog. One of my favorites...

oucheba said...

Sold. We're off to Tupelo.

Would love a Southern Road Trip guide. E-mail me at and we can sort out details.