Friday, June 12


Went to see the incredible Pink Martini tonight.

Watch below and if you don't like them, check your pulse and call for an ambulance ... you may be dead.

Plinky Plonk piano, a beautiful chanteuse and more lazy trumpet than a mariachi convention.

The Opera house was packed with all kinds of chin strokers. People dressed for the Symphony*, hipsters in ironic t-shirts, Volvo-driving blackberry-checking twats, those annoying dicks who go "Woo" during a quiet passage of music, jazz-buffs who feel compelled to applaud any type of virtuoso cadenza.

* Last show I attended here the ticket said Dress Right. So I showed up in a suit only to realize it meant the right side of the Dress Circle.

Anne and I smiled through the whole show. French cabaret, Rio style numbers, Japanese love songs, Turkish folk, café-chantant. Not bad for a bunch of musicians from Portland, Oregon, and the singer is from good old Cambridge, Mass.

Thanks Pink Martini you were scorchio!

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Non Je Ne Regrette Rien said...

I got to see them in Portland (January) and they were terrific. They were at the Crystal Ballroom and we danced through the entire show!