Wednesday, June 3

Warning! Liberals at work!

Here's why I love Cambridge.

Driving home the other night, I'm navigating the little Scooby* that comes out by 1369 at Inman Square. I notice 2 shirtless joggers running by.

And of course one of them is a woman.

To clarify, this is not some Russ Meyer fantasy. Instead I got the feeling this was a demonstration of feminism and equality. She was a very sleight woman with cropped hair, and was obviously going head to head with her male running companion.

And you know what? As I surveyed the scene, hardly anyone blinked. She was just out running on a balmy humid night.

A time-saving route. Developed by Anne when she lived in San Francisco. She had a short cut thru' Sausalito to miss the Golden Gate Bridge traffic

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Anonymous said...

Great! Now everyone knows about the Sausalito short cut and the tiny city on the shore will be so congested from now on...