Sunday, July 19

Dead __________

Welcome to my special edition of The Match Game, or as it was called in England, Blankety Blank.

Dead Tired
Wow, a few days off work really kicks my ass. I've struggled all week to get back into the groove. Monday felt like a Thursday. I'm not helping myself by getting up early to listen to the cricket back in England. I even took a nap today.

Everyone's favorite surf rock voodoobilly band played on the East Coast this weekend.

But I missed them

Dead Weather
Did manage to catch these guys on Saturday night instead.
Alison Mosshart of the Kills is a hell of a front woman, little Jackie White of the White Stripes on Drums, Dean Fertita (QotSA) on guitar and the bass player is ... just the bass player from The Raconteurs.
The wtf moment occurred when we got to the House of Blues. No beer on the stage floor. I'm watching a reverb filled bluesly rock out without even a lite beer?

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