Sunday, July 5

Extreme Sports

Holy shit! We just did a bike ride and my mother really did say that she would like to go ziplining.

Braved the crowds for the fireworks last night. I know I'm miserable but the fireworks seem so fucking one note to me. Big wow, 20 minutes of "Oooh that's a good one", or in our case, 20 mins of some French chick shouting into her mobile about which club she would meet her friend while the cross-walk beep noise CONSTANTLY chirped for the entirety of the event.

Still, not to worry, the couple on the other side thought it a good idea to bring their stroller and 3 month old spawn. Guess what? It cried.

However, I do love the feeling of the walking population reclaiming Mass Ave all the way back to Central Square.

Anyhow, guess I need to find a bungee jump for later in the week ....

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Anonymous said...

Your folks rock Rich! If only you could be a bit more like them...