Thursday, July 23

Greater convenience and control

I'm going through my morning ritual of coffee and banking. I tend to check balances, credit card statements and reconcile transactions while gulping down a super-size mug of java.

It's not quite Gordon Gekko, more paying bills in my pjs while Anne is in the shower.

Don't usually pay much attention to the customer service alerts, but for no reason in particular I clicked on one titled Coming soon new and improved Online Banking! Guess I'm a sucker for exclamations!

Here's the first few lines:

New features provide greater convenience and control.
• Make transfers between your Citizens account(s) and your accounts at other financial institutions - just $3.00 for outgoing transfers to other financial institutions. Incoming transfers from other financial institutions to your Citizens account(s) are free of charge.

How does charging me $3 to move my money to other accounts (which has previously been free), provide greater convenience and control?

And how very gracious of Citizens to not charge for moving money into their coffers.

Maybe it's time for me to start using those other financial institutions more often.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You're just another victim of the fact that you are now a "Citizen"...
Citizens Bank, the bank that provides greater convenience and control to screw the new citizens!