Monday, July 27

In choosing a limousine ....

I don't get many comments on this blog. In fact for a long period I didn't allow them. So when I do get a comment I cherish it like a newly born dove. By the way, why don't we see more doves? Fucking pigeons everywhere, but doves only seem to live at magic shows. I digress.

The following blog comment popped up this morning.

Toronto Limo Service has left a new comment on your post "Oh! Canada (Day 2)":

In choosing a limousine, it is better to have an idea as to seating arrangements of your limousine passengers. Knowing who will seat and how many will be seated, would help you in deciding the factors that will directly affect the comfort of your passengers.

My Oh Canada post was in 2007, and I have no clue what this guy is referring to.

And IF I was to use a limo I would use No Prob Limo

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Anonymous said...

Just love it...

PS: And I'm not a newly born dove... And pigeons in Paris are a freaking pain in the neck!