Friday, July 31

Please be quiet

It might come as a surprise to those who know me, but I do wish people would keep their thoughts to themselves while in public.

And yes, of course that is a hypocritical thing to write on a blog. I tend to be opinionated, but only with people I know, and usually I'm just trying to have some fun conversation.

So my flight was canceled tonight. I was going to call this post Dinner and Sex. After all I 'dined out' at Logan Airport and then they effed me for $9 on the parking.

Anne and I are now flying to Cleveland tomorrow for our nephew's wedding. But Christ Almighty, it was like Blowhard Central at the Continental check in desk tonight. People shouting, getting angry, abusing the Customer Service woman.

One guy was going on and on about how he knew with certainty that the flight would be canceled 5 hours ago. Of course I turned to Anne and said "What a colossal prick for showing up". I said it because the Customer Service Rep isn't allowed to.

So the flight was canceled. We had biblical novelty rain today, what do you expect?

We're back home. I just called the hotel to let them know we would be there tomorrow instead. They kindly credited us the cost of tonight. Pays to be polite I guess. And we get to sleep in our own bed.

When I add up the new suit, flights, hotel, car rental, gift (plus the Logan night out), I think this wedding is going to cost about $100 an hour for the time we are actually in Ohio. But who cares, I noticed Anne has packed her dancing shoes, so tomorrow night should be fun.

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