Thursday, July 30

Sad News

Contradicting what I wrote earlier in the week. I do read some novels.

If you classify favorite author, by the number of books read, then my favorite author died this week.

William Tapply was not wildly famous. He was a professor at Clark University and had more than 40 books published. More than half of his published works featured a fictional Boston attorney named Brady Coyne.

The books are easy reads, driven by a likable character, with a wonderful connection to Boston and the surrounding area. Living here makes it easier to visualize the settings.

After I read each book I would always post it onto my Mum. She read every one of them too. And each time she visits Boston we always comment on a location featured in the novels.

His website says he had written one more Brady Coyne book. I hope it is published.

A perfect beach read, or a book to breeze through on a long flight. You should give him a try.

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