Sunday, August 30

The dawn of a new chapter

I love writing this blog ... if only for myself. It's essentially a journal of my rants and raves and screw ups.

Let me say that I have many gifts (including modesty), but one I do NOT have is the ability to fix, construct or assemble.

Less than one hour after owning a house I found myself in Home Depot. I purchased a mail box.

Yesterday (3 days later), I was in Lowes ... purchasing another mail box. The first one is still standing, but it looks ridiculous and is in the wrong place. It also slants.

My new German-built high-performance car is going to become little more than a repository for hardware store returns. Yesterday I managed to squeeze a 45 Gallon garbage pail through the door onto the leather seats. My objective being "Screw the car, I've shelled out $59 for this damned trash can. No way am I returning it within 5 minutes of purchase."

Of course I do have some skills and taste. Which is why I will be purchasing these trash bags for the aforementioned garbage can.

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Anonymous said...

Sell the Audi and buy a damn good Peugeot or Renault!