Wednesday, August 12

Its. Not. Fair.

My bookworm of a wife reads in bed. Always has.

Until this week. When she started taking her iPhone to bed instead.

Now to quote Sir Tom Jones, its not unusual. Just a few weeks back I took to playing an iPhone game with annoying sound while she tried to get through some depressing novel where a family of ethnicity overcomes great hardships in an ultimately uplifting story of the human spirit.

But that's me. I'm silly. You expect it of me.

She's started playing Scrabble on her phone. Playing just herself. No computer or human opponent.

I love Scrabble. I play everyday on facebook with 2 good friends. Think I wouldn't like a little husband/wife wordplay action?

But No. She hates that I play stupid 2 letter words that form multiple directional scores.

I know Anne is the Least Competitive Person in the World™. But this is wrong. It's like me joining a Book Group that reads the same book as Anne's Groups ... but I refuse to discuss it with my own wife.

Wrong. (9 pts in open play)


Sparkleneely said...

I'll play Scrabble -- or even better -- Lexulous with you on there! It might help ease your anxiety. (And I TOTALLY do those two letter words. Hello, QI!!!)

Anonymous said...

I remember a time when we played Monopoly at our place in Arlington...
You and I were so into it, our wives were out of it!
Little did we know that Adria won, Anne was second, I finished 3rd with no real estate whatsoever under my belt and you were... LAST!!
Debts (you borrowed thousands from Anne), lost all your properties in 4-5 rounds of play and bam!
Next time, we'll play literary reading with them...

PS: Don’t tell “Everyone around us (real estate, mortgage, lawyer)” that you lost at Monopoly…

oucheba said...

Hey, I'd love to strike up a Lexulous session. I know your offer was to help me thru' this house stuff, but I'll get back as soon as I am finished. I'll start scrubbing up on my 2 letter words!