Thursday, August 6

Maybe tomorrow

The title of the theme song to The Littlest Hobo, a Canadian show about a dog that rambles from town to town doing good deeds. Think Lassie meets Incredible Hulk.

Also the sentiment for our ongoing pursuit of a mortgage! Today's my birthday and I secretly hoped it would be the day that the thumbs up came through from the Bank. Alas no, but maybe tomorrow.

In other noteworthy news on the day of my birth, we had police action at work.

A partially naked guy decided to sit in the car of one of my colleagues. An on-foot police chase ensued, with comedy results. Willed on by everyone in my company the police tried to squeeze under the fence of the local airport (we work next to a tiny private aircraft landing strip). For a while we thought the assailant had managed to steal a cop car.

Finally apprehended the policeman came and took a statement from my co-worker. I did a quick police playlist on the iTunes server but I don't think he noticed. Blah!

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Anonymous said...

"Police playlist on the iTunes server"...
Adria says: only Richard can think of doing something like that!