Sunday, August 30

A monkey could do that

Always loved the concept that if you locked a bunch of monkeys in a room with typewriters, eventually they would write the works of Shakespeare. Not sure why they had to be locked in.

Along similar lines, I will try this year to prove that Fantasy Football is a pointless sham.

Each Sunday, my football adoring wife looks like the keyboard player out of a 70s prog-rock band. Multiple TVs, computers and charts going on. Even multiple fantasy teams. She has hands everywhere, which sounds like a Dutch pervert.

It's this type of fanaticism that leads to her cheering when a 3rd quarter fumble occurs in an otherwise pointless game in mid October between 2 teams with losing records.

My team are the Spunky Monkeys, and I'm going head to head against the missus and what appear to be 8 trade/draft crazy dudes.

Like Napoleon said, "Fuck it's going to be a long winter". Except he said it in French.

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Anonymous said...

You're an American now, remember...?
So you MUST spend your winter watching US Football, drink cheap beer, eat delivery pizza and greasy chicken wings while cheering for the Dallas Cowboys.