Saturday, August 29


So we bought our dream house last Wednesday. And here's a small roll of honor.

First Republic Bank
It's tough because I understand why there are new rules in place to limit loans being handed out to anyone. That's why the economic landscape is what it is today.

But come on!

First Republic were one of a select few private lenders that said "Yes, we'll give you a mortgage". We chose them because the woman who called proved that you need to be both thoroughly professional yet engagingly personal in your approach.

And they seem like a real cool bank to be with. Adios Citizens.

Ligris & Associates
Our lawyers extraordinaire! Dazzling with the paperwork, but also the guys with the lender contacts. They worked miracles last Monday when the shit hit the fan with the loan. Plus when we arrived at their offices we were greeted by a cool decor and a well designed corporate identity. Lawyers with taste. Cue the apocalypse!

The Sellers
Ann-Charlotte, the wonderful Swedish real estate broker/part owner of the house. I can vividly recall the first time I saw the house with Ann-Charlotte standing in the kitchen. On closing she said to me "It was always your house. I could tell the moment you came through the door." Maybe the real estate part of her is programmed to say that, but I'd like to think it was the Seller portion of her that delivered the line, because I smiled when she said it.

Sam, the genius contractor who built and spec'd our amazing new home. Each subsequent professional who has seen the house has complimented the quality of the materials and build. Thanks Sam for creating the space where we live.

The best thing in my life who patiently waited 15 years until I was ready to buy real estate. When we had finished signing the papers she cried. Mostly tears of joy, but with a few tears of relief mixed in!

The crazy lady
Maybe not so crazy. As I parked my car to go to the closing, she asked me for spare change. Difficult to deny when you're feeding the meter with a canister full of quarters. She got all of my change and piqued my conscience too. A homeless charity will get a check as big as we can afford later this year.

Friends & Family
Firstly for not bugging us too much over the past 2 months. You can only answer the "Did you buy the house yet" question so many times before you wig out. But now the deed is done (and signed and insured) you are all welcome to swing by anytime.

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