Wednesday, September 9

And I don't find Oscar Wilde to be witty

Some things are held in such high reverence, that it's almost a crime to criticize them, especially around pretentious people (like me) who will undoubtedly roll their eyes at you.

Fellini and Kurosawa movies, Yo La Fucking Tengo, Sam Raimi, Radiohead, Ray Liechtenstein, Stephen Colbert, It's a Wonderful Life, Kobe Beef, all sculpture, Wagner opera, Peru, Tofu, Dub.

Need I go on chinstrokers?

And of course Apple fall into this category too.

At Design School in 1987 I used a Mac Plus, and I've lovingly used Apple products since. Never owned a PC, and never will. Phones, iPods, tablets, TVs. Whatever they stick an apple logo on in the past and future, to quote Michael Jackson, I'll be there.

But boy did I get shitty service this past week. I ordered a tiny document scanner thru their website. It arrived. I opened the box. It did not work.

My new house is a 4 minute WALK to an Apple Store. So I meandered on down there. No dice! Have to return to the website store. Went on-line to download the return sticker. Hold on, I have to send it to the manufacturer of the product. They have the warranty, so they will honor it.

Picked up the phone and rang Apple. Surely a product that NEVER worked can be returned to the store that sold it to me. Guess again kiddies.

Spent 45 minutes on the phone to Fujitsu. I'll never get those minutes back. Fuck Fujitsu.

So I went back to the Apple website and changed the 'Reason for Return" from "Piece of Shit doesn't work" to "Changed my Mind", and Hey Presto I got a refund.

What a long rambling post.

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