Thursday, September 24

Better than Applebee's

We're feeling good in our neighborhood. There I said it.

OK, so last Sunday's trip around the block with Lemon Cookies turned out to be a non-starter. Seems everyone was out, but last night our lovely neighbor dropped by for a chat.

And we have our first guests. Anne's parents flew in from the big O-hi-O. They made the sweetest comments about the new house, and last night I found myself watching and enjoying Dancing with the Stars ... if only to watch my Mother-in-law's unbridled joy for this terrible show (she makes some pretty snarky comments for an 86 year old).

As I write, Anne is just coming into the house with a newspaper, and it sounds like her dad has just got out of bed. The plan today is to just potter around the house. Maybe hang a few pictures, and get some 'dadvice' on home maintenance issues.

And next week. My parents arrive!

Domestic bliss.

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