Saturday, September 19


Comcast why did you have to be such dicks?

You were awesome last time.

But last night we called you, and your customer service rep was an absolute douche chimp.

We're supposed to get HBO for 6 months. But we ain't.

I called and despite not being the primary name on the bill, I gave you all the information you asked for. But I still had to hand the phone to Anne who (and I shit you not), had to say something to the effect of ...

... I Anne Taylor do solemnly swear to tell the whole truth that Richard Taylor is my husband and he is mentally competent to make decisions regarding our cable television service.

Upon getting the phone back from my Olympic Standard eye-rolling wife I asked Comcast if could use our old DVR box (because I really will get round to watching Beer league that has been on there for 19 months).

Comcast: No

Next I said: We ain't getting HBO.

Comcast: Well it's activated

I was real close to saying "Well unless they are running a movie called 'You're not authorized to watch this'. "

Instead I just asked him to reboot and hung up.

I called later because we still didn't have HBO. Rebooted again, and now the remote didn't work.

I'll probably trudge on over to your office later today dear old Comcast.

UPDATE: Everything is back to OK. Wish I didn't have to drive over to North Cambridge however.

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Anonymous said...

" mentally competent to make decisions regarding our cable television service."
Who are you kidding?!!
Even a 3 year-old would not believe that crap one second...