Thursday, September 10

Decisions, decisions

The only thing that Anne and I seem to disagree on is the choice of stamp versus label for self-addressing an envelope. I'm a fan of a rubber stamp, with a nice typeface selection, but Anne favors a simpler label. We can probably run the same debate for the mailbox nameplate and house numbers. I'm supposed to be the type expert in the house, and yet Anne is being steadfast in her preference. And I kind of dig that!

Better news in the furniture department. We are totally aligned in choosing furniture. We seem to agree that going outside our budget and choosing items with novelty long delivery times is the way to go.

The couch is coming from Denmark in 16 weeks time. The 16 weeks doesn't start until the manufacturer resolves a conflict with the material supplier. wtf. We'll be lucky to get it before next Easter.

I've fallen in love with a light I saw in some design store. It's got a vaguely nautical feel to it, which means it is developing into the grotesque wagon wheel coffee table scenario from When Harry Met Sally.

New bed is already delivered. Love how colors have to have bullshit names. Midnight espresso. Who drinks espresso at midnight? A security guard? Douche-y.

We've ordered some new dressers, sides and bookcases too. They are self-assembly. 12 years ago Anne and I spent 8 silent hours constructing 2 bookcases. We'll have a counsellor present this time ...

We welcomed a blind guy into our house this week. Great joke. Window treatment sounds so queer to me. But our blind guy was awesome with the samples and suggestions and he is installing those next week. Until then I think I'll just tack dark paper to the walls. I'm strangely reserved when it comes to attaching anything to the brand new walls of the house!

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