Friday, September 18

Oh my Goth!

So we are waiting a few weeks while the 'blind guy' gets our window treatments, and in the meantime we continue to have black art paper taped to our bedroom windows.

If I lived behind our house I'd presume we were cooking up meth. Or listening to Sisters of Mercy. Either way, it ain't good.

Meanwhile I cannot use my bathroom because the window looks out onto the street. Actually it's worse than that. It looks out onto the Cambridge Courthouse. The last thing arbiters of justice need to see in the morning is me shaving my face in my comedy yellow Bjorn Borg boxer shorts.

So I use Anne's bathroom instead. She loves that.

Next week Anne-o-rama's parents visit us from jolly old Cleveland, and they definitely cannot have wide open windows because the guest bedroom faces onto the street.

It's a brand new house, and I'm hell bent on NOT drilling holes into the walls all willy nilly. I need to head to Lowes to get some self attaching shower curtain rods. The plan is to drape whatever pieces of old fabric we have laying around over the rods. Thus creating (very) temporary curtains.

Come on blind guy. Get your stuff here ASAP. The neighborhood is running out of patience for my crappy arts and crafts projects.

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